Cause a Ripple gift set

$ 14.99
Cause a Ripple gift set

This gift has a very special place in my heart. One of my best friends, Sharon, created Cause a Ripple after listening to a sermon. She was the inspiration behind my book, The Stone Giver.  

I’m super excited to share the Cause a Ripple stone set with my customers. I’ve given sets to friends and family members as a symbol of the difference they’ve made in my life. One of my friends gave her daughters, both teachers, a stone when they graduated from college as a reminder of the difference they can make in the lives of children they teach.

 This is the perfect gift to give anyone who has inspired you or is in need of encouragement. 

Here are the product details:

Features the Cause a Ripple Inspirational Poem
Every day you have a choice
in all you do and say
You can inspire someone else
and help them find their way
Each word or act is powerful
with strength much like a stone
Dropping into the lake of life
causing a ripple of your own

  • 2-3 Inch black polished river stone with the words Cause a Ripple etched in gold
  • Woven bag with attached card with the poem and the symbolism of the gift
  • Matching greeting card and gift bag

The Poem - Our individual choice in life to inspire others
River Stone - The strength and impact each of us has
Gold Lettering - A shining reflection of our guiding light
Woven Bag - Interwoven kindness, love, hope and inspiration